Air Flow Research

Producing the best power money can buy, through innovative designs utilizing the latest in modern technology and advanced processes to develop products in pursuit of increased performance; making quality high performance products that are attractive and attainable by aspiring racers and street enthusiasts alike.

Thousands of hours are spent during the development of each one of our products. The first step is to understand the specific application and performance requirements in order to establish the design criteria; such as cross-sectional area, flow requirements, velocity, etc. From here we use a combination of CAD, CAM, and hand-porting to develop the ports.

AFR uses state of the art metrology such as Browne & Sharp’s Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). First and last articles are checked on all new set ups and breakdowns to ensure quality. We also use air gauges to hold tight tolerances on all boring and honing operations, measuring down to the tenth. Additionally, we practice in process lean principles throughout the facility to create a culture of responsibility, where every employee is accountable for his/her work. In addition, we thoroughly inspect all components received from outside suppliers ensuring they meet or exceed AFR standards. Closing the loop on our QC and QA process a documentation report is generated and filed with SPA reports on all completed inspections.